Theme Park Project In Romania

It is a theme park in Romania where children can enjoy fantastic adventures and memorable moments with their favorite cartoon characters and fairy tales of their childhood. 

Here, dragons and fairies come true, and fairy tale houses take the little ones into their imaginary world, where they can develop their creativity and imagination through fun games and activities.

With four plastic outdoor playgrounds with different themes specially designed for different ages, slides, swings and sand pits, kids will be excited every time they visit this theme park.

Fairytale décor can be seen everywhere, and there are unique activities for both children and parents, face painting or creating an imaginary character, children are encouraged to use their imagination and creativity to the fullest.

By providing such a stimulating environment, this theme park help children develop their skills, which will benefit them not only in childhood but also in adult life. Here, children and parents can have fun, explore and create beautiful memories together.

Product in This Project